“The program was wonderful! Intimate setting and feel. The five days flew by and the program doesn’t have that dreaded ‘classroom setting’ feeling, which is nice…. Carl and Eileen seem genuinely interested in the participants’ growth during the learning process.”

Ericka Thompson,(attorney),
Silver Spring, Maryland

Basic Mediation Training

40-Hour Intensive Course

We provide both hands-on training and a clear framework to enable participants to work effectively with parties involved in disputes who need help. We will consider conflicts in a broad range of situations including health care, disputing neighbors, family conflicts, and civil, and contract and employment disputes, enabling you to feel confident to work effectively with conflict in a variety of settings.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning about mediation processes and augmenting their present practice and work with mediation skills, including attorneys, managers, and human service professionals, educators, religious leaders, persons in organizations who want to incorporate mediation in their professional skills, and private practitioners and consultants who would like to supplement their skills and practice.

What Does this Workshop Include?

This highly interactive workshop uses a wide range of formats including video, demonstrations, lectures, discussions, simulations, story and music. The workshop, with a 400-page manual, covers the basic content areas of mediation. The training presents a six-stage model of the mediation process and focuses on the skills involved in becoming an effective mediator.

Some of the many components in this training include:

  • the three core paradigms for dealing with conflict
  • advocacy and empowerment
  • the styles of mediation & identifying your own style
  • asking skillful questions
  • integrative and distributive bargaining
  • understanding & working with clients' conflict stories
  • how and when to caucus
  • how co-mediation adds value
  • mediator ethics and standards of practice
  • starting your mediation practice & marketing
  • how to write competent agreements

A distinctive feature of this mediation training is extensive use of videotapes for instruction, including tapes of actual mediations. The workshop includes a minimum of six mediation training role-plays so that each participant can practice and develop his/her skills.

What Credentials Will I Earn?

This program fulfills the 40-hour mediation training requirements for Practitioner Member status in The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

For Maryland residents, this workshop will meet the 40-hour requirement for basic mediation training under Rule 17 of the Court of Appeals in Maryland for those wishing to be approved as mediators.

The workshop is also approved for Category 1 SW CEUs for Maryland social workers and Category A CEUs for LCPCs.

A certificate of completion, suitable for framing, will be issued to you upon successful completion of and full attendance at the training course.

Who are the Faculty for the Workshop?

"We pride ourselves in our high quality workshop that will be led by Carl Schneider, Ph.D. and Audrey M. Yowell, Ph. D., M.S.S.S.

What Should I Read Beforehand?

We recommend the following two books:

Getting to Yes

Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher and William Ury with Bruce Patton (2nd ed., Houghton Mifflin, 1991; $9)

  Resolving Personal and Organizational Conflict: Stories of Transformation & Forgiveness

Resolving Personal and Organizational Conflict: Stories of Transformation & Forgiveness, by Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith (Jossey-Bass, 2000; $38)

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